Skilled labor training and the creation of a close link between human resources development and the application of science and technology for the provinces in the Mekong Delta are critical. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) have emerged as a common trend in the region and worldwide and play an important role in promoting social and economic growth.

In order to promote the development of workforce to be more skillful, dynamic and adaptable to the ever changing economy and employment market, on November 2nd, 2017, Can Tho University (CTU) collaborated with Arizona State University (ASU) and Institute for Science and Technology Innovation of the Association of Vietnam Universities and Colleges to organize the International Scientific Workshop on STEM Higher Education for Mekong Delta Development. The workshop has received great interest of scholars, lectures and administrators from USA, Korea, Indonesia, England

The aims of this workshop is to create a platform for lecturers, education managers and scholars to raise their understanding of skilled labor training and quality assurance of STEM higher education. The goal is to build a research network for lecturers, education managers and scholars to exchange knowledge and collaborate to study the issues in training skilled labor for Mekong Delta of Vietnam.

The workshop consists of two keynote addresses and six parallel sessions with 23 presentations themed on STEM curriculum development, effective university-industry partnerships to respond to the growth of the Mekong Delta, quality assurance of STEM programs: Accountability and enhancement, STEM programs in online learning, research and innovation policies in STEM programs, teacher training for STEM high school education. In general, the presentations and studies have shown great interest in STEM education for socio-economic development not only in the Mekong Delta but also in the whole country.

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