Department of Mathematics Education (DoME) was established in 1995, formerly known as the Department of Mathematics - Physics (1978 - 1995) (formerly known as Department of Natural  Science Education (1975 - 1978))urrently, the DoME has 02 Professors, 02 Associate Professors,  07 Doctors and 04 Masters, most of whom graduated from countries such as the USA, France, Germany, Australia and Thailand. In the future, the DoME aims to complete the projects for opening a Master in Applied Mathematics programme and prepare a project for opening a Doctor of Phylosophy in Mathematics Teacher Education programme.

As a unit of the SoE, DoME has trained teachers with deep knowledge and strong skills to meet the fundamental and comprehensive educational reforms in Vietnam. They become good citizens who are honest, creative, humane, tolerant, and dedicated to the cause of education for the country's people. They set a good example for others, take responsibility for themselves, their families, their homeland, and the international community, and have the necessary skills and strong determination to thrive in a changing world.

In addition to teaching, DoME participates in other activities such as training teachers in the Mekong Delta region, transferring new teaching methods to local education and training departments, schools, and teachers at all levels, and participating in academic activities, conferences, and seminars both domestically and internationally.

DoME's academic staff have published over 20 books and teaching materials. They have also participated in reviewing textbooks and training teachers on how to use them effectively at the middle and high school levels. It has trained approximately 4,000 bachelors (including about 2,500 regular students, 1,000 part-time students, and 500 regular students in the local area).

The DoME’s training functions are as follows:

- Training undergraduate Mathematics Teacher Education (4 years, full-time).

- The PMME (2 years, full-time) provides high-level maths teachers with Master's degrees.

School of Education -  Can Tho University.

Address: Campus II, Can Tho University, 3/2 Street, Ninh Kieu District, Can Tho City, Viet Nam.

Phone number & Fax: +84.292.3830261.