Master in Principles and Methods of Mathematics Education (PMME)

  • Code: 8140111
  • Award: Master in Principles and Methods of Teacher Education
  • Training time: 02 years
  • Eligibility for graduation: Complete 60 credits 
  • Language of instruction: Vietnamese

Programme Objectives

  • PO1: Enhance learners’ knowledge of mathematics related to general education
  • PO2: Equip learners with knowledge and skills to identify and solve problems that arise in mathematics education
  • PO3: Train learners to effectively apply teaching theories, active teaching methods, and information technology to teach specific contents in high school
  • PO4: Develop learners’ lifelong learning skills, passion for the profession, and awareness to contribute to the mathematics education career

Programme Learning Outcomes

  • PLO1: Systematically present the key arguments of philosophical schools according to the content requirements of the Master's programme
  • PLO2: Present and interpret the contents and methods of applying modern teaching theories and active teaching methods in teaching high school mathematics in line with the educational reform in our country
  • PLO3: Connect and apply advanced mathematical knowledge to teaching high school mathematics
  • PLO4: Apply and coordinate modern teaching theories, active teaching methods, and mathematical software to enhance the effectiveness of teaching mathematics in high school
  • PLO5: Develop and implement learning and training plans to meet the practical educational requirements (lifelong learning skills); use foreign languages and information technology to meet job requirements
  • PLO6: Analyse the principles and methods of teaching mathematics to carry out research topics in mathematics education in high schools
  • PLO7: Demonstrate activeness, responsibility, cooperation, and a desire to study and work

Career Prospect

After completing the program, PMTE graduates can be employed as:

  • Teachers in high schools, lecturers/researchers in colleges, universities, and relevant institutes/centres.
  • Teachers/managers in departments of education and training,  continuing educational centres.

Curriculum (2022)

No. Code Courses Compulsory Credit Optional Credit
1 ML606  Philosophy  4  
2 TN627  Functional analysis   3
3 SP615  Advanced Linear algebra    3
4 SP689  Education and international integration   3
5 SPT000  Graduation thesis 15   
6 SPT003  Theme on teaching for developing mathematical competencies of high school students 3  
7 SPT004  Theme on active teaching methods in mathematics instruction  3  
8 SPT005  Theme on teaching algebra and calculus   2
9 SPT006  Theme on teaching probability and Statictics   3
10 SPT007  Theme on geometry teaching   2
11 SPT008  Theme on history of mathematical subject   2
12 SPT602   Assessment in mathematics education  
13  SPT626  Geometry advanced  3  
14  SPT627  Calculus   3
15  SPT628  Number theory advanced   3
16  SPT629  Didactic theory of mathematics  2  
17  SPT630  Graph theory and applications 3  
18  SPT631  Modern teaching theories in teaching mathematics 3  
18  SPT634  Teaching mathematics with dynamic math software 3  
19 SPT639  Conneting mathematics with reality in teaching mathematics    3
20 SPT643  Research methods in mathematics education 3  
Total: 60 Credits (Required: 42 credits; Optional: 18 credits)

Brief Course Descriptions:   

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