Principles and Methods of Vietnamese Linguistic & Literature Education

  • Code: 8140111
  • Degree certificate: Master in Principles and Methods of Vietnamese Linguistic Education
  • Training time: 02 years
  • Eligibility for graduation: Complete 60 credits 
  • Language of instruction: Vietnamese

Career Prospect

After completing the program, PMVLE graduates can be employed as:

  • Teachers in high schools, lecturers/researchers in colleges, universities, and relevant institutes/centres.
  • Teachers/managers in departments of education and training.


No. Code Courses Compulsory Credit Optional Credit
1  ML606  Philosophy of postgraduate education 4  
2  SPV624  Methodology in teaching language and literature 2  
3  SPV602  Language with literary perception  
4  SPA620   Education and international integration  
5  SPV640  Discourse analysis, text and cohesion in Vietnamese    2   
6  SPV628  Experiential learning in mother language and literature teaching  
7  SPV629  Conceptual metaphor with teaching philology 
8  SPV619  Competence's students assessment in mother tongue language  
9  SPV630  Methods of teaching reading 2  
10  SPV631  Methods of teaching writing  
11  SPV632  Theory and method of teaching Vietnamese medieval literature  
12  SPV633  Theory and method of teaching Vietnamese modern literature  
13  SPV604  Research method of authors, literary works  
14  SPV634  Methods of teaching the mother tongue, listening and speaking  
15   SPV635  Integrated and differentiated literature instruction in high schools  
16   SPV000  Graduation thesis 15   
17   SPV003  Methods of teaching folklore in high schools  
18   SPV004  Theme on receiving literature and method teaching foreign literature  
19   SPV005  Theme on values of aesthetics and values of arts  
20  SPV006  Qualitative and quantitative analysis in educational research 3  
21  SPV007  Theme on narrator - theory and practice 3  
22  SPV008  Theme on humanism and Vietnamese literature 3  
Total: 60 credits (Compulsory:  42 credits; Optional: 18 credits)


School of Education -  Can Tho University.

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