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Các bài báo cáo của các đoàn trong thời gian làm việc

Topic: Expression of real numbers by infinite series

For undergraduate, graduate, PhD students

Prof. Dr. Jaroslav Hancl

The lecture deals with some possibilities how to express real numbers by infinite series. There is describe the connection between the expression of real numbers and Diophantine approximation mainly with the irrationality, transcendence and linear independence.


Topic: Linear transfomations and applications

For undergraduate students

Dr. Ondrej Kolouch

The aim of the lecture is to introduce linear transformations such as scaling, rotation and reflection together with the matrices of these transformations. Also, the composition of linear transformations will be shown together with applications.


Topic: Mascheroni's construction and other interesting facts

For high-school students, undergraduate students

Dr. Vera Ferdianova

In 1797, Lorenzo Mascheroni proved that a compass used for constructions has the equal power as using a ruler altogether with the compass. Therefore, it is possible to construct all ruler-and-compass constructions only with the compass itself. The aim of the lecture is to introduce some interesting constructions problems and to present other possibilities of drawing.









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